Our Pool

 Our freestanding durable Hydro-Flex pool system measuring 3m x 3.5m x 1.2m has been designed specifically for dogs and uses the ultra-efficient jet and filtration system. It is heated to around 28-30 degrees Celsius and comes with a powerful UV Pool Water Sterilizer which drastically reduces the amount of chemical usage, thus ensuring a safer environment for dogs and handlers’ alike. An external and internal ramp enables easy access into and out of the pool.


The Swim Session

Please note Hydrotherapy is NOT recommended if your dog has any of the following conditions:

Open wounds

Bitches in season

Infectious or contagious conditions such as gastric upsets, kennel cough, ear, eye or skin infections

Heart condition/disease

Pulmonary disease

On each of your pet’s hydrotherapy appointments a health check is carried out prior to your pets swim session and for certain conditions we also measure and monitor muscle mass, and weight during their rehabilitation program.

Before entering the pool your pet will be given a warm massaging shower to prepare them for the swim and also clean their coat of any dirt and debris.

During your pets sessions we take great care in helping your pet feel safe and at ease in the water, with this in mind all pets are fitted with either a buoyancy jacket to build their confidence or a harness to provide support and ease of handling. We can supply ear protection if required.

Each session can vary depending on your pet’s progression, and their requirements and their fitness levels dictate how long each session lasts. All of which will be explained in more detail at each hydrotherapy appointment.

At the end of the session your pet will again be showered and dried before leaving the centre. We do offer a shampoo service and use safe ‘vet grade’ shampoo’s which will not interfere with your pets PH levels, or if preferred your pets own prescribed shampoo, please ask for more details when booking.

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