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Here at Fusion Vet Physio (FVP) we work in conjunction and cooperation with you the client’s veterinarian, and pride ourselves in aiming to offer an extension of your practice’s excellent service. We provide regular updates on the pet’s progress and therapy given, ensuring you as the referring vet are kept updated throughout the rehabilitation process. Fully insured and a member of the Institute of Registered Veterinary Animal Therapists (IRVAP) we work to strict protocols, legislations and guidelines so you can be confident your client’s pet is in safe, qualified and caring hands.

What is involved in pet physiotherapy?

Pet physiotherapy or rehabilitation is the use of therapeutic exercises combined with additional modalities such as hydrotherapy, ultrasound, cryotherapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation and low level laser therapy and laser acupuncture to improve the recovery of pets with both acute and chronic conditions.

How will pets you refer to FVP benefit from a physiotherapy program?

We aim to restore, maintain and promote optimal function and mobility; enhance recovery postoperatively; alleviate pain; improve circulation, coordination and range of motion; provide confidence and comfort in geriatric patients. Pets of all ages, sizes and breeds can benefit from animal rehabilitation. Pets suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, obesity or muscle weakness can experience an enhanced quality of life as a result of physiotherapy.

What conditions do you work with?

The benefits of physiotherapy and/or hydrotherapy include improved quality of life for the referred pet through decreased pain and increased strength and endurance, flexibility, coordination, and balance. We work with pre and post-operative patients to promote a faster healing process, here is just a brief overview of some of the many conditions that I have already worked with and that benefited from physiotherapy:-

Orthopaedic Conditions:

Cruciate Ligament Tears


Hip Dysplasia

Patellar Luxation’s


Osteochondritis Dessicans

Soft Tissue Injuries


Neurological Conditions: 

Degenerative Myelopathy 

Fibrocartilaginous Emboli

Intervertebral Disc Disease

Lumbosacral Stenosis

General Health/Wellness:

Athletic Conditioning

Cardiovascular Fitness

Obesity-Weight Loss

If you have a pet that would benefit from physiotherapy which may also include hydrotherapy, please click on the link for the referral form. Once completed and returned, we will contact your client and arrange an appointment. If you have any queries or questions regarding our services, please contact me for further information, I am happy and here to help.

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